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Music for me is, well you know, I think you could find it kind of like  quantum analogy in physics, like dark matter, the search of dark matter, that’s what music is for me…My love and knowledge and understanding of music has been the one thing that’s made me sway more towards being religious. I’m not religious at all, but the more obsessed I become with music, the more I question spirituality and religion.”

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what if every time it rained, band members fell out of the sky


Matty is so attractive omfg, it’s not even his face that I find attractive it’s the way he carries himself and how he writes his songs and pours his soul into playing his guitar that makes him so attractive to me


/ / she says babe, you look so cool / /


if you never shoot you'll never know

this is one of my favourite versions of this song

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"I don’t mind being criticised but I do resent some criticism of people saying ‘oh, he thinks he’s amazing, he thinks he’s a sex symbol’…What do you want me to do? I’m in this band now, so if I totally fucked it off I’d get slagged off for that."


Matty being Matty (The Music Climate)

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