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" Stop throwing chocolate at me. The song doesn’t even mean chocolate, it means weed. "

- Matthew Healy on ‘Chocolate’ at the U18s Show @ Hi-Fi Lounge, Melbourne  (via zatheia)


  • Matty Healy // July 26, 2014 // Splendour In The Grass // Belongil Fields- Australia (x)


lets just imagine that you’re next door neighbors with matty healy. you’re lying on your bed, and every night you can hear the familiar sound of the band playing so loud you can hear it through the walls of your bedroom.

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" Kids think that they want to connect with these celebrities on a personal level, but they actually don’t. Like, don’t meet your heroes. The only reason that all these pop stars were pantheons of pop culture was because you didn’t know fuckin’ anything about them. "

- Matty Healy (via stylesxhealy)

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" Is it weird that Matty Healy’s my fashion icon, even though he’s a boy and I’m a girl? "

- 11:06pm post concert thoughts (via 90-s-kid)

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